Steven Lamb is an attorney in our Fargo office. For the past 30 years, he has been a Trial and Appellate Litigation Lawyer initially with the North Dakota Highway Department as an Assistant Attorney General (5 years), then private practice and part time tribal prosecutor with Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court (4 years), and then American Family Mutual Insurance Company (21 years). Steve has litigated and negotiated lawsuits involving personal injury, property damage, insurance coverage, subrogation, highway contracts, eminent domain, administrative hearings, criminal matters and appeals; and he has personally tried over 50 jury trials. He has briefed and argued 1 Eighth Circuit Court of Appeal, 1 Northern Plains Intertribal Court of Appeals appeal, 4 Minnesota Appellate Court appeals and over 17 North Dakota Supreme Court appeals. Steve graduated from the University of North Dakota School of Law and has completed advanced NITA (National Institute of Trial Advocacy) and IADC (International Association of Defense Counsel) trial academies.  Steve practices in all state and federal courts of North Dakota and Minnesota, and has appeared in several of the states tribal courts.  His areas of concentration include all areas and phases of litigation, including: personal injury, property damage, wrongful death, products liability, insurance coverage, insurance defense, subrogation, Indian law, professional negligence , construction disputes, transportation claims, and oil and gas litigation – all involving:  pre-litigation, pleadings, discovery, depositions, mediation, trial preparation, trials, post trials, appeals; drafting, briefing, arguing and negotiating .

Steve is married to Arlene Correia, he has one daughter, Molly, and a stepson, Kailash - all with whom he loves to travel and to engage in dialogue and debate.  He enjoys cooking, especially game from local hunting outings and fish from lake fishing, and Alaskan deep sea and river fly-fishing.  He claims a 22 handicap in golf, and recreational hockey experience (but beware). Socializing has  also been known to enhance his love of life.  And, given the time, he can turn out marketable pottery items for use and display. 

Honors and Distinctions

AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review Rated, Martindale

Admitted To Practice

North Dakota

U.S. District Court, District of North Dakota


U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota

Turtle Mountain Indian Reservations Tribal Court (presently expired)

Alaska (inactive)


State Bar Association of North Dakota

Cass County Bar Association

Clay County Bar Association

Ronald N. Davies Inns of Court (Past President)

Representative/Published and Unpublished Appeals

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